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[140412] EXO-K’s Official Website Update from Sehun: 
Hhhhh ho hhhh hihihihiih hol hohuh hahahahharahahahhohoo r hahahaha rarara ah ah aha ahahahaha rara ahah huhuhuhuhu hihihihihihi hehehehe heheh hyohyohyohyhohyohyo ryory oryeong ryeong

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. It was such a happy day for me. The first birthday party was when the members “ding dong-ed” at exactly 12am and came inside my room and we all partied together. I want to upload all the photos from the party but…

I liked today so much~ 
Today… I read the post from Tao… hyung… 
Cheesy… so cheesy… ㅎㅎ

There were so many people congratulating me for my birthday, I like it~ Really.
To everyone who has a birthday today, I want to wish you a happy birthday~ I hope you have a joyful day~

Well! We’re coming back soon so please be prepared to show us a lot of love~ ㅎㅎ We practised very hard~

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Sexing holding hands.

kawaii overdose ^_^

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well, this is epic.


well, this is epic.

yixing spotting you ~

sehun’s diary: it’s my birthday today!

0 days to sehun day


27/ Yixing gifs: how dare you